About Me

I’m Rob Weir, the director of digital development at the Columbia Missourian. That’s a fancy way of saying that I’m in charge of all our digital planning, from computer needs to building our new Web site to teaching people how to text message.

Recently, I realized that I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about new media — and especially what we’re up to with our Web site — without necessarily remembering to write down any of my thoughts. So this might serve more as a personal journal than anything else, but at least now I have a spot to jot down some thoughts.

As to who I am — I grew up in a journalism family. My dad’s a longtime newspaper publisher and manager in Missouri and, recently, in Colorado; his dad was a publisher too. So I’ve got ink in my blood. I’ve also worked at a whole lot of newspaper jobs, from the pressroom to the newsroom to the business office. So I have a little bit of experience in a lot of areas.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. mdbirdlover

    Nice! If you could keep this personal journal written at like the eighth grade level during your technology talk I’ll be digging it! I’m not as learned as you and always looking for tips from the inside.

  2. weirr

    Thanks, I think. I do try to write clearly …

  3. mdbirdlover

    Ah yeah, speaking of writing clearly, I did mean that as a compliment! I was combining newspaper talk (writing to an eighth grader’s level) with how you’ll write about technology, so I could understand.
    That’s funny. Sorry for the confusion. Sometimes I am five steps ahead of myself…

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