The Rocky Mountain News

I suppose I should have something interesting to say about this, but I’m empty. The paper is closing two months shy of its 150th birthday. The possible good news is that they’re selling their archives and Web site, so maybe someone can soldier on with just the costs associated with the site.

This part from their closing story depresses me more than anything else:

“In the past decade, the Rocky has won four Pulitzer Prizes, more than all but a handful of American papers. Its sports section was named one of the 10 best in the nation this week. Its business section was cited by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers as one of the best in the country last year. And its photo staff is regularly listed among the best in the nation when the top 10 photo newspapers are judged.”

I realize there’s only a tenuous link between quality and sustainability, but dammit, that’s how business is supposed to work — your superior product should outsell everyone else’s. And their product was so much more entertaining than the Post’s.

Maybe I’ll come back to this later. But I can’t now.


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