WIN for the Missourian

Update at Jeremy’s request:

I wasn’t around for the whole Twitter episode he describes, but what I saw went like this: Our assistant city editor on duty this morning came back to the copy desk while I was working on Jake Sherlock’s computer.

She told our staff editors that she had a newsburst ready to go about the controlled burn going on at A.L. Gustin today, and just wanted a quick read on it. One of the editors — either Joy Mayer or Laura Johnston, don’t remember which — suggested she tweet it. (At this point I didn’t know that Jeremy Littau had given us the original news and that Joy had picked up on his tweet.)

The ACE said she didn’t know how, and Jake told her to come get trained. He had her log into the Missourian’s Twitter site and write a sentence about what she knew. She read it back; Maggie Walter, who was passing by, reminded us that it was an “odor” not a “smell,” she corrected that and hit Update.

That’s it — it really is that simple. Now she knows how to tweet, and we got some news out there.

We also did something else I like a lot — put a news burst up and actually took it down after a couple of hours. All too often, we’ll leave one up all day or all night, even if it’s made redundant by other content. We’re starting to think of our Web site more creatively, and more of our editors are buying in all the time. What worked here: There wasn’t a high-level decision or several layers of editing. There was just a quick decision — we got some info, verified it and passed it along.

Original post: Jake Sherlock and some other folks at the Missourian have been on the Twitter bandwagon for a while now. We did something good today. It’s a little thing, but kind of a big thing, because it worked like it was supposed to. I couldn’t say it better, so I’ll link to it.

And if you want to follow the Missourian on Twitter, just go here


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