Eberflus to Browns

Dave Matter’s Behind the Stripes blog has most of the details, but the headline says it all: MU’s defensive coordinator is on his way out.

I’ll go on the record as saying that I don’t think that Mizzou’s struggles this past year are entirely Eberflus’ fault. I’ve said as much on Tigerboard in the past. But to recap: MU got the ball back against OSU with 3.5 minutes left, and the offense turned it over. The losses to Texas and Oklahoma were a total team meltdown — can’t blame the D any more than the O. But I think that the Kansas game — when the Jayhawks snuck Kerry Meier behind our entire secondary — was glaringly bad from a defensive standpoint. With 10 starters back from last year, I expected a lot better out of MU.

There’s already quite a bit of fan sentiment to bring someone in from the outside to energize the D. Texas Tech clearly had some success with that by bringing in Ruffin McNeill; their game against Texas was a great example of gameplanning and intensity overcoming superior talent. But I can’t say that Pinkel’s strategy of promoting from within has been bad — our “struggles” this year still led to a 10-win season.


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