I expect better out of the NYT

Especially the technology section. Here’s a story about the “slow pace of convergence” between the Internet and TV. I clicked on the link figuring it would be a story about how slowly TV content is coming to the Web (Hulu is awesome, but still very limited).

Nope. Instead, it’s a story about how long it’s taking to build TVs that can browse the Internet.

Now, leaving aside for a moment the fact that a TV is basically just a big image processor, have these people done any research at all? I mean, WebTV still exists. And there’s also the Apple TV, the Xbox Media Center, WinXP Media Center, et al.

But the paragraph that really hacked me off was this one:

For instance, he said that such Internet access could run through the servers of the cable companies, allowing them to screen for viruses, add parental controls, and generally prevent some of the less desirable aspects of full Internet access.

The “he” referenced above is Richard Doherty. He’s described as “an industry analyst at Envisioneering, a consumer-electronics market research firm.” I suppose it’s possible that a research flack doesn’t know that cable companies already provide users with teh Interweb, but seriously?

I’m guessing the reporter meant this to be the nut graf:

Should televisions be able to get access to the Web? And not just the thin slices of the Web allowed by a few services, but the whole cacophonous, unregulated, messy thing? And if they should, how should they?

My answers would be: Yes, Yes, and Through existing and user-controlled means wherever possible.


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