A crowdsourced feature film?

The day started off fun: A co-worker sent me this trailer from The People vs. George Lucas.

My initial thought was “heck yeah, Episode 1 raped my childhood. And hey, there’s MC Frontalot in the first clip. This could be great.”

But besides the obvious geek appeal, I think this is an actual new media moment.

If you check out the Web site, you’ll see that the film’s producers are asking ordinary Star Wars fans to send them short films of themselves either denouncing or defending Mr. Lucas. (Assuming you think people who dress up like stormtroopers are ordinary.)

The premise is that they get the celebrities, and we provide the ordinary people. There’s probably a baking analogy here — flour and nuts — but I won’t belabor it. Their Web site is smart, if not well designed; they give you everything you need to submit a clip, including submission guidelines and a talent release form, right there. I’m not entirely sure I’ll do that, but I like the concept. And they remembered something that journalists often don’t — if you ask people to do something, give them the tools they need to do it, right away.

And hey, as long as I mentioned MC Frontalot, if you like nerdcore music or are just curious about geek culture you should check out Nerdcore Rising. I saw it in its brief stop in Columbia, and it’s worth watching. The movie feels a little thin in spots, as though the producers didn’t get quite enough film, but it’s a surprisingly sweet and endearing story.


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